Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Traveler's 15 day Blog Challenge

Day 01 - Favorite place(s) you’ve been to
Day 02 - Where you’d like to travel next
Day 03 - An adventure/challenge you had while traveling or living abroad
Day 04 - A picture of you in another country
Day 05 - What do you bring with you when you travel?
Day 06 - What does “home” mean to you?
Day 07 - Besides people, what did/do you miss from home?
Day 08 - A favorite food from another country/culture
Day 09 - A song you like from another country/language
Day 10 - A favorite foreign movie
Day 11 - Did you have any milestones or “firsts” while traveling/living abroad?
Day 12 - Someone who influenced you to travel abroad
Day 13 - A favorite travel quote
Day 14 - What did you learn from traveling abroad?
Day 15 - Advice to someone who’s thinking about traveling to another country

Today is day one of a blog challenge that particularly spoke to me. It deals with all things travel. I feel like that's all I've done the last 4 years. So I figured I would elaborate a little more on the topic. I feel I'm well versed in public transit, airports, foreign customs, chop stick abilities, apartment searching and so on. So here we go!

Day 01 - Favorite place(s) you’ve been to.

My favorite place I've ever been to is Kansas City. I've been lots of places but this is "home". I love that the city is big, but not too big. It's got great BBQ and cool lakes in the summer and beautiful Christmas lights and falling snow in the winter. I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing the season's change. I never thought I would embrace the city the way I do now being from such a small town. 500 people to be exact. I love the shopping and the down to earth people. My husbands family is from there as well and that is really why I became more familiar with "the city". I used to only go there for shopping, special occasions and Lakeside Speedway. I'm really glad I got to know more about the city that was only 2 hours from my parents house. It's amazing what you'll find "just around the corner." Or right up 71 highway :P

I miss Missouri oh so much and cannot wait to see it again. We are hoping to hear some news on the job offer mid June. Though the offer isn't in Mo, we would still be on the same continent and that is just a little closer than we are now. 

Thanks for reading and look for the next post tomorrow :)