Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Year, New House and Visitors

Happy Leap Year!

We moved in to our new home on 2-1-12 and I haven't yet told you anything about it. I'm a bad blogger due to my business! So let's remedy this...

The basics are: It's a 3 level, 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath, town home with a back yard! 

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have grass and trees around your property after 3 years. I will give you pictures and a tour once I feel it's more "presentable". Let me just say the colors/wall paper throughout the house are... atrocious. My parents came to visit us for a week so they helped me paint my two spare bedrooms. One was bright blue and the other was red! Okay maybe I will show you one or two pictures so you can understand the gravity of my situation.

I told you it was atrocious! But thanks to my awesome parents, we got both of these rooms painted a lovely gray color and it looks 200 times better. Since the red room was painted so poorly, I have to Kilz the base boards also because they didn't tape them and the room now has red and white base boards with pretty gray walls.Ay yi yi!

Other than painting, we also got my patio area cleaned and ready for warmer weather, did some front landscaping prettiness and got my garden ready for planting! I'm so ready to get back into gardening. I plan on doing a lot of canning too. If you've never had "fresh" salsa in the winter time, your missing out! It's like summer in a jar, I swear. We, of course, drove my Corvette. They really loved it and my dad was very impressed. He gave me an awesome Vette parts book so I can put some more love into it. I'd love to do some headers and an intake manifold to really make her go! We did the usual site seeing, tourist stuff and went out to eat. My parents haven't been to the East coast much and had never seen D.C. so they really loved seeing the WH and all the historical building and monuments. I promised mom some great photos of the cherry blossoms for her dining room. It was really nice to have people come to visit us for a change as well. Though, they're getting here is a story itself! But I will shorten it for the sake of your attention span; They decided to do a 40 minute layover to save $500 but that 40 minute layover turned into a 3 hour one because some idiot on the plan was smoking dope on board! Mom said they had to of taxied for 5 miles because they were waiting for the cops to show up and as to not raise suspicion for the, I'm sure, already paranoid man. They did finally arrive to arrest the man and got to D.C. at 1am. That was a long night! I dropped them off yesterday and it doesn't get much easier to say goodbye even when I know I will see them in April. They gave me lots of direction on what to do, project wise, for the house. I hope I can gets lots more done with my new found second wind! 

Other than fun-filled week, I have had a few promising jobs come my way and I hope to be employed soon. Kind of nervous but I'm sure I will do great. Shelly is coming here for her Spring break! She's been under a good deal of stress lately and I'm so happy for her to come here and have some much needed sister time. She's my best friend and I miss her like mad. She's only flown once before, so this will be another worldly experience under her belt. Tyler and I have tossed around the idea of her spending summers with us. He has so much he wants to show her and teach her. He is the best brother in law!
It's raining here today and I have a ton of neglected housework to do. Reality is calling....