Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello Weekend!

This post is random: You've been warned :P

I feel a nice weekend coming on! Just wanted to keep you all updated on the activities :)

Friday night= Hail and Fairwell (at Mainpost club!)

Saturday= Pedicure and formal dinner :) I'm wearing an awesome little cocktail!

Sunday= Bootleg movies and getting the "to-do" list crossed off!

  • Best of all.... I think I only have to cook once or twice this weekend! WOOT!
  • And as a side note: Totally dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday. Tyler got it working again though, thank goodness!
  • Shelly has prom on Saturday. Super bummed that I can't be there, but she promised to take lots of pics for me!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I know I will! Ciao!

Pic of the day for ya:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Weekend!

Wow! What a great weekend we had! Even got some photo's courtesy of my great friend Ashley.
I guess I will start from the beginning... Always a good place to start eh?

The Cherry Blossom tree's are blooming here in Korea and they smell just as wonderful as they look. Gorgeous right? I may just have to take some back to MO in remembrance of good ole Seoul. After these pics were taken we spotted our long lost Korean Air friend.....

It was so funny because, honestly, Ashley and I love Korean Air. Not funny? Okay I guess it's a "you had to be there" kind of moment. :P Here is a SUPER cute pic of Tyler and I.

Other than the beautiful tree's and ton's of people, there wasn't much to do. So we all decided to take a walk.... A very, very long walk. We ended up getting kind of lost. It was completely fine though, we had lots of daylight and got to explore a new part of Seoul. After we decided we couldn't navigate our way back, we flagged a cab and it cost us $10.00 US to get back home! That's an expensive cab ride! Oh well! SO much fun.
After returning home we all were pretty famished so we decided to grab some dinner. Tyler's favorite... Turkish food! It was super tasty. I'd only had it once before and wasn't really impressed but this little endeavor was great. Everyone was very happy with it. So after dinner naturally comes drinks :) We headed to a cosy little bar called Baby Guinness. Greatest name ever by the way. Emir had told me their bloody mary's are the best he's ever had, so being a fan of Mary I tried it. It was super spicy but soooo good! Tyler even liked it. Tyler of course had Guinness... Definitely not my fave. Here's a pic of Tyler, Ashley, Emir and myself at Baby Guinness.
So that pretty much concluded our Saturday night. Sunday we all hung out again and did dinner and drinks. We had Indian food and it was pretty good. The sauce's were my favorite. Ah, good times with the Guevara's. :)

On a more serious note... My dad's surgery was Monday and he is doing so well! Not even 10 hours after spinal surgery he was up walking around and asking my mom what's for dinner! God really does know what He's doing huh? :P My dad is a blessed man.

Other than alllll that. Rocky and Marissa have just been painting their new house! Seeing them so happy with that makes me want to buy a house and put down some roots. But that is dream is a long term goal. Might achieve it in.... 5 years? Hopefully. As for right now I'm just taking each day as it comes. I did get a piece of good news this morning in email form. There is a job fair this Friday! I know it's not even close to the end of summer yet but I would still like to know my options once life guarding is no longer available. Just as a side note, I have a brisket in the works right now and it smells incredible! I'm too good of a cook for my own good. Hope Tyler likes it. Well off to do wifely duties. Thanks for stopping by. Chao kids!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has finally sprung!

Ok first things first... it's official... I am a life guard! Go Me! It felt great to make it through such a physically demanding course and pass with a 93%. So now we can move on :P

It's definitely spring here in Korea! All of the farmers are out with their goods and people are starting to come out of hiding. I really wish that my camera's had chargers so that I could run out and take pics of the amazing markets here. There are lots of cool things like for example, rotisserie chickens sold out of the back of trucks. 2 for 12.000 W. Which is ten dollars American. They also have HUGE king crabs that are sold out of the back of trucks as well. They are honestly as big as televisions! Truck sales are huge here. And everything is so cheap and fresh it's really hard to just walk by.

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner. It was alot of fun for them since they have 3 boys and hardly ever get out! We had cornish game hens, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and angel food cake with strawberry sauce for dessert. I absolutely love cooking! I feel like I'm pretty accomplished at it for being so young. I am always looking for something new and challenging to try out. I think it may be my one and only talent besides being an awesome housewife :P

My Dad's surgery is on the 19th. It's coming up fast so my fam, Mom, Dad, and Shelly have been working really hard in the garden to get everything lined out. I can't wait for Mom to send us some salsa! I know she will because she planted 40 tomatoe plants! Wow! She knows tomatoes are my fave so she made extra just so she could send some over. Isn't she awesome?

As far as my whole job situation goes... I don't start until May 20th. So it's like a little over a month away. As of right now it seems like it may never get here. I'm not sure what I will do when swim season is over but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.

It's 11:20 right now and Tyler is still sleeping. He really must be wiped out from work. My plan for the day is to clean out the computer room. It's the biggest project of my spring cleaning and I want to get it out of the way! Here's hoping. Hope you all had a great weekend! Bye!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day!

Phew! This last week has been nothing shy of crazy. The last weekend of March began my life guard courses. Friday night was basically, testing your skills in the water to see if you could survive the course. It was extremely difficult! The harder things we had to do were swimming 300 meters (12 lengths of the pool) in combo's of breast stroke and free style. There was no stopping, did I mention that? No time limit but finding your pace was crucial because, if you didn't get that right, there was no way you were going to make it! I was not sure I could do it but I DID! whoo hoo!
Then right after your completion of that little test, you had to swim 25 meters, dive down 12 feet and retrieve a 10 lb brick and bring it back to land, without it submerging again. The time limit on that test was 100 seconds. I did that one pretty well I thought. Of course there is that little bit of added pressure when your boss is there! ahhh! but no worries because I made it. The whole weekend I was in the water 15 hours! wow!
The class is nearly all korean's except for me and another guy, Albert. He and I are partners because of the whole language barrier. But he is like 45 or 50, 6 ft 2, over weight and not so smart. I am not happy about this at all. Not only is he difficult to work with because he slows me down immensely but he also tries to dive way too deep into my personal life when he talks with me. He also tried to convince me and my entire class I was an alcoholic!!! At that point I'd had enough and told him where to go. It takes a lot of badgering to get me upset, but he managed to do it. Oh yeah, and at the end of class he asked if Tyler and I could give him a ride! What a moron!
So after dealing with him all weekend, Tyler got me some beautiful yellow and pink roses! Saturday night we just stayed at home and watched movies. And Monday evening he surprises me with a 10 piece set of Emeril cookware! He honestly knows how to turn a bad weekend around for a girl! I'm a very lucky lady.
As for what is going on around home, Aven and Talen are both home and weight 6 lbs now! Rocky and Marissa are getting things in line for their house. Basically it just needs the aesthetics touched up. Their guest rooms/future kids rooms are yellow and purple :) So you can see what I mean. My Mom got a whole week off work because of scheduling! :) Lucky breaks are always good! My Dad is getting the garden ready so that it's all taken care of before his surgery in April. Mo weather has been amazing for them and I'm very jealous! Here's it's rain and wind constantly. COME ON SUMMER!
So this weekend comes another rigorous round of training. So I had better make sure house work is all caught up. Hopefully the next time we talk I will be an official life guard :) Here are some pics of my weekend gifts :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!