Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back home in Seoul

Well I'm back home as you can tell from the title :) I had an amazing trip home but didn't get to see all the people I had intention of seeing. I am doing surprisingly well with the jet lag. I go to bed at 8 and wake up at 6:30. Pretty good to be actually sleeping ALL night. I have a life guard meeting tomorrow at 4:30 and hopefully they will let me know when I can start formal classes. It takes 6 days of training! wow! So I am starting a hard core cardio workout regiment tom. I actually excited to hit the gym.... weird, but in a good way!

The day before I left my parents threw me an awesome "Bon voyage" party! My cake was in the shape of a suitcase... don't let the name fool you, it was extremely detailed! The only bad parts of my 18 hour trip home were the fact that I had no personal tv on the big bird and I basically had to share my seat because the woman I sat next to enjoyed the cheeseburger a few too many times. That and she wasn't a pleasant woman, not a good combo if you ask me.

Nevertheless I arrived at Inchon 1/2 hour early and Tyler was there to greet me with flowers and arms as wide as the pacific! I love him dearly and was very glad to see him! His SGT gave him some time off to be with me, which was extremely kind. We have been doing the usual couple things... Eating, talking, laughing and sharing stories. It's been really great.

The weather here is great. I am so glad to see winter is finally breaking. I am more of spring and summer gal. Better weather also equals more time with my camera! yeah for taking pictures :P Well I guess that is all for now. I will post again when I hear more about my job. I'm off to get bikini ready! wish me luck!

Here are a few pics for you lovely followers of the great Sam beanie......

me with my new do by Marissa <3me and my BEAUTIFUL little sister Shelly. I miss her already :(

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The twins arrive!

Welcome to the world Talen Seth and Aven Marie McFather! They were born via c-section at 1:30 AM on 1-30-10.

TALEN 3.15oz

AVEN 4.5 oz

They are still in the nic-u but doing better each day! Candice is doing really well despite the major recovery she is going through. I am up here in KC helping out with Reese and Emersen. They have been great. They are also excited to see their new baby brother and sister. Tyler really wishes he could be here but I'm going to take lots of pictures for us to have in Korea.

Tyler is doing well without me....surprisingly! He is still trying to get his PT score up and is up for a promotion to Sargent in a few weeks :) So that's great news. OCS is also still in the works as well. I will be leaving a little earlier than previously planned. I will head back on feb 22 now instead of march 1. I can't wait to be with my little family again!

My sis and I have been doing a lot of fun things together lately! I love spending time with her. We went and got our industrial piercings done in our left ear on the 30th and we love, love, love them! We also got a 30 minute massage from mom for Christmas so we went together and had it done. I also went to dinner with Shelly and David at Casa in Nevada. It was really fun. Ah young love!

The week before that I went to dinner with the awesome Heather Bledsoe. She is just SO funny! I love that lady. And yesterday I had dinner at Applebee's with Aron Stacy. So I have been having alot of fun seeing everyone again.

So to conclude... life is great and all is as it should be! Have a great day everyone!