Friday, July 23, 2010

Lots of Company

Monsoon season is in full swing here in Seoul! That means lots of time indoors and extra naps :) I did however get lucky one day and got to go up to Camp Morse and take some pictures! This tiny camp is on a a mountain (literally) so it's got a great high vantage point for pics.

This last week Tyler's leave form came through and we bought our plane tickets home! Hoping Missy does just as good this time. She didn't make a peep the whole 18 hours last time! What a good little pup :)

Last weekend we babysat ALOT. Basically the entire weekend. I was so proud of Tyler. He even made homemade ice cream for the boys. The kids we watched were all terrific. We had a lot of fun. And this weekend Tyler's friend David, from college, is coming to visit. He arrives tonight so we are taking him for some fabulous prime rib and catch the new Inception flick. Saturday morning I will be feeding 4 boys a home cooked breakfast. Hope they are as excited as I am! Oh, and best of all... Tyler, being awesome, is taking me "home accessory" shopping on Saturday afternoon! I'm super stoked!!!

Tyler also got an achievement award from the Army for his leadership in physical fitness. He makes sure that if soldiers fail their "PT test", he gets them back in shape for the next test. He's like the instructor for morning fitness class. He's the best!... I might need him to coach me :)

Okay that's the latest on the little Hammond fam. Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to do more house wife duties!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 20...

This post is not really like me at all... I hate giving out lots of personal information but I believe this post is mostly for myself and realizing all that has turned around for me and how God has decided to bless me. So here goes....

I am just entirely too happy to be out of touch with my home town and it's people. Have you ever looked back at your old hang out and realized nothing and no one has changed??? Here are some reasons why I love not being connected to my past :)

  1. I have seen so much of the world!
  2. I have learned to broaden my view of many things.
  3. I have learned to "like" so many more things.
  4. I have an awesome life!
  5. When I pray, I only thank God for what he has given me.
  6. Tyler <3
  7. We have so many options as to where we want our life to go... pretty much limitless :)
  8. People from my hometown are down right mean.
  9. It's just plain boring!
  10. Drama...
  11. Drugs... Not that I did any but the fact that everyone else does them!
  12. Knowing everyone's business and them knowing yours. (btw I just purged some "friends" on my FB :)
  13. Knowing they are the ones missing out on life!
  14. Getting to meet great new friends!
  15. Becoming a coach/photographer.
  16. Trying lots of new worldly foods.
  17. Experimenting with fashion :)
  18. Life/financial stability!
  19. Knowing my family thinks the same way I do.
  20. Support from them even though I am half a world away.
Those are just the tip of the iceberg! I am not saying that staying close to your roots is a bad thing, I'm just stating that I hate mine. I do not miss it in the slightest. I do however, miss mine and Tyler's family. But I am so happy it's crazy! We are so blessed and I cannot wait to see what else life has in store for us. Cause hey, if you wanna hear God laugh, tell him your plans! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coach Sam :)

Yes it is true! I am now giving swimming lessons and have indeed become Coach Sam! I am very proud of my little swimmer! I also start teaching his dad today! Not sure how it will be teaching an adult but I am really excited.
Had an AWESOME interview this past week for a very fiscally enticing job. Hopefully, hopefully, the lady liked me as much as I liked her. By the end of the interview we were discussing our dogs and fashion... So in my mind it went really well!
On a school note... I am thinking of finance, in some form or another, for my major. I know I HATE numbers but the income is crazy for those area's. I am emailing a few schools to see what exactly the course layout would be like. I definitely don't want to be in over my head :)
This weekend, 3 day!, has been dark, wet and completely wonderful! My husband loves weather like this. I am simply loving the fact that I can just take pause and enjoy my weekend at HOME! We are entertaining a lot this weekend for the 4th. I love cooking... Have I mentioned that :P Hoping for a no-rain 4th... Not sure that's going to happen since monsoon season has officially begun!
A new photographic opportunity was presented to me the other day by a fellow Army wife... There is an ENGLISH speaking photography teacher here! Hoping to maybe get some lessons from him :) Seoul is not a very photogenic city, so any help here is much appreciated!
Well I'm off to go prepare for my swim class! Stay cool and have an awesome 4th!

P.S. I must mention my impressive knack for breaking things... I believe this goes way past accident prone... The bottom of my FULL coffee cup fell out yesterday! I mean what the????

And yes it's okay to laugh, I already know you are! :)