Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Step at a Time

Lots of things have went on since my last post. Some good, some really bad. Lets start with the positives..... My 22nd birthday was fun! I got $150 from Tyler to do whatever I wanted, 3 dozen roses, and a hilarious card that reads, "Honey for you birthday I'd like to tuck you in bed tonight.... Oops sorry about that typo!" I couldn't stop laughing. I was great. We went out for a walk and then that night he took me for some amazing sushi.

The next day is we decided to go to a local market to pick up some fruit. We were driving our scooter when suddenly a car makes an illegal left turn and we collide broadside with him. We were only going 15 kpm but it threw Tyler and I off the bike. Tyler gets up and checks on me and I say "I think I'm okay". Then Tyler throws his helmet at the driver. He was scared and mad. I'd never seen him like that before, but this was unusual circumstances. Our friends arrive before the police and help me to the sidewalk. I felt like throwing up and passing out all at once, not a good feeling. At this point I notice Tyler has a large lump on his right forearm and my right foot isn't feeling great. After giving our info to the authorities we head to the ER. They took x-rays of our injuries and say that Tyler's arm is not broken but my ankle is. GREAT! So we are sent home with a sling and crutches.
A few days later I follow up with the Ortho Doctor and he says I don't have a broken ankle and that I'm free to walk without assistance. I was very relieved to hear this and so was Tyler. He had to do all the house work since I was laid up. He did an amazing job but he certainly didn't enjoy those demanding duties.
Good news is we sold the scooter and Tyler no longer wants a motorcycle. PRAISE GOD! I hate to think what would have happened had we been going any faster. It was an all together eye opening experience. Oh and P.S. I hate motor cycles.

My family, mainly my sister Shelly, is another piece of not so great news. Lately I have been missing home and have been calling alot more. I just miss things like local news, my church, mom's cooking, shopping with my sister and just seeing everyone. I have been trying to connect with my sister since coming here with no avail. She is 17 and need to take into consideration, but she is also my best friend and sister. I call or text her and she is always, "busy, gotta go." or worse, she's rude to me. :( I love talking to her but I can't take her verbal and emotional battery. It doesn't take anything to set her off and that makes me so sad. I even ask her if she knows she's hurting my feelings and she says she doesn't care. I pray everyday that God lay a little tenderness on her heart but so far she has not changed. Mom says I need to only talk to her every 2 weeks to give her time to miss me. 2 weeks to me is forever, but I'm going to have to try.

Another thing is paying bills over here! Ugh! I pay them all online but somehow they get screwed up or "I make too many online payments" Whoever heard of such a thing? Anyway that's enough of that.

This post is not a good one and there are many other things going on that I cannot discuss. So say a prayer for me, I could really use some lifting up. I will end on a good note that I'm going to the Beyonce concert on the 20th! I'm going alone but I am determined to have a good time. Hopefully next post won't be such a downer. Till next time! Ciao!

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  1. I love you sammie!! and give your sis a break, really, she's only 17.. that's like the "i hate everyone in my family" phase.

    hugs to you and tyler!