Thursday, February 4, 2010

The twins arrive!

Welcome to the world Talen Seth and Aven Marie McFather! They were born via c-section at 1:30 AM on 1-30-10.

TALEN 3.15oz

AVEN 4.5 oz

They are still in the nic-u but doing better each day! Candice is doing really well despite the major recovery she is going through. I am up here in KC helping out with Reese and Emersen. They have been great. They are also excited to see their new baby brother and sister. Tyler really wishes he could be here but I'm going to take lots of pictures for us to have in Korea.

Tyler is doing well without me....surprisingly! He is still trying to get his PT score up and is up for a promotion to Sargent in a few weeks :) So that's great news. OCS is also still in the works as well. I will be leaving a little earlier than previously planned. I will head back on feb 22 now instead of march 1. I can't wait to be with my little family again!

My sis and I have been doing a lot of fun things together lately! I love spending time with her. We went and got our industrial piercings done in our left ear on the 30th and we love, love, love them! We also got a 30 minute massage from mom for Christmas so we went together and had it done. I also went to dinner with Shelly and David at Casa in Nevada. It was really fun. Ah young love!

The week before that I went to dinner with the awesome Heather Bledsoe. She is just SO funny! I love that lady. And yesterday I had dinner at Applebee's with Aron Stacy. So I have been having alot of fun seeing everyone again.

So to conclude... life is great and all is as it should be! Have a great day everyone!

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