Saturday, August 14, 2010

August Picture Update...

Just a few pics of some recent activities

Most recent being....

Tyler's 24th Birthday!

Oreo Ice cream cake from ColdStone :)

I could look at him forever... I think I just might :P

Yes it was as good as it looked... ColdStone always delivers!

All of the pics of the boys in orange is "Company Organizational Day" or "mandatory fun time" as my lovely husband calls it :) It's a game day for all enlisted people and their families. We took home the trophy... AGAIN!

Morris showing off his mad balance skills :)

Practicing offensive line.

Deem giving some pointers. Don't know what Tyler is doing... Sleeping??

He wasn't QB but he could chuck that pigskin a fair ways.


Tyler receiving a PT achievement award from Captain Becker. He is the leader for the "Special Pops" PT and gets people back into shape!

Cheesy as usual :)

Baby Gabe playing bowling the day he came over! He beat me! The kid is good...

Super duper pooper scooper cute!!! I can see one of his pigs :)

Haha! I love her <3

One clear day Tyler took me up to the mountain for some pictures !

Over looking the Han River.

Our little trip down town.

Hope you enjoyed this lil' post... Stay cool everyone!!!

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  1. Cute pics of baby Gabe! Enjoyed all the pictures. The cake looked soooo good. I think I know what I'm getting David for his birthday.