Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Missouri Post :)

So I made it home! FINALLY! I had to stop 3 times and spend a total of 10 hours in lay overs, but I did it! Thats the short of it. I still havent seen my brother and Marissa :( but due to all the crazy ice and snow that fell on Christmas Eve, it makes it difficult for them. I had a wonderful Christmas though! This year, giving was better than recieving. I loved bringing all the gifts back to my family from Korea and seeing their reactions. Reese and Emersen LOVED their Kimonohs :) Sadly enough my camera died, so I couldn't take pics :( I am also patiently awaiting the arrival of my 3rd niece and 1st nephew! So excited to meet them. Candice looks wonderful even though she is bed-bound until they are born. The Dr. says he expects them to arrive in a few weeks or sooner! Craziness! I recieved gift cards, clothes, lotion, make-up and a 30 min massage from my mom! Whoo hoo! I went shopping with Belinda today and got lots of great New Year sales. I arrived in KC on the 28th and have really enjoyed my stay. But it's off for southwest MO again tomorrow. My jet lag is getting better by the day! It's hard to go to bed when your not the least bit tired. But since it's winter, it gets dark at 5, so it makes it easier. I am finally ready to start seeing my friends now that I'm back on schedule. Well it's getting late and I have a big day tomorrow.... Reese turns 5 and I'm heading back home. It's great to be back. Thanks for all the prayers and phone calls. Good night all!

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  1. Well, hurry up and take care of that jetag.. can't wait to see you! :)