Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Weekend!

Wow! What a great weekend we had! Even got some photo's courtesy of my great friend Ashley.
I guess I will start from the beginning... Always a good place to start eh?

The Cherry Blossom tree's are blooming here in Korea and they smell just as wonderful as they look. Gorgeous right? I may just have to take some back to MO in remembrance of good ole Seoul. After these pics were taken we spotted our long lost Korean Air friend.....

It was so funny because, honestly, Ashley and I love Korean Air. Not funny? Okay I guess it's a "you had to be there" kind of moment. :P Here is a SUPER cute pic of Tyler and I.

Other than the beautiful tree's and ton's of people, there wasn't much to do. So we all decided to take a walk.... A very, very long walk. We ended up getting kind of lost. It was completely fine though, we had lots of daylight and got to explore a new part of Seoul. After we decided we couldn't navigate our way back, we flagged a cab and it cost us $10.00 US to get back home! That's an expensive cab ride! Oh well! SO much fun.
After returning home we all were pretty famished so we decided to grab some dinner. Tyler's favorite... Turkish food! It was super tasty. I'd only had it once before and wasn't really impressed but this little endeavor was great. Everyone was very happy with it. So after dinner naturally comes drinks :) We headed to a cosy little bar called Baby Guinness. Greatest name ever by the way. Emir had told me their bloody mary's are the best he's ever had, so being a fan of Mary I tried it. It was super spicy but soooo good! Tyler even liked it. Tyler of course had Guinness... Definitely not my fave. Here's a pic of Tyler, Ashley, Emir and myself at Baby Guinness.
So that pretty much concluded our Saturday night. Sunday we all hung out again and did dinner and drinks. We had Indian food and it was pretty good. The sauce's were my favorite. Ah, good times with the Guevara's. :)

On a more serious note... My dad's surgery was Monday and he is doing so well! Not even 10 hours after spinal surgery he was up walking around and asking my mom what's for dinner! God really does know what He's doing huh? :P My dad is a blessed man.

Other than alllll that. Rocky and Marissa have just been painting their new house! Seeing them so happy with that makes me want to buy a house and put down some roots. But that is dream is a long term goal. Might achieve it in.... 5 years? Hopefully. As for right now I'm just taking each day as it comes. I did get a piece of good news this morning in email form. There is a job fair this Friday! I know it's not even close to the end of summer yet but I would still like to know my options once life guarding is no longer available. Just as a side note, I have a brisket in the works right now and it smells incredible! I'm too good of a cook for my own good. Hope Tyler likes it. Well off to do wifely duties. Thanks for stopping by. Chao kids!

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