Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello Weekend!

This post is random: You've been warned :P

I feel a nice weekend coming on! Just wanted to keep you all updated on the activities :)

Friday night= Hail and Fairwell (at Mainpost club!)

Saturday= Pedicure and formal dinner :) I'm wearing an awesome little cocktail!

Sunday= Bootleg movies and getting the "to-do" list crossed off!

  • Best of all.... I think I only have to cook once or twice this weekend! WOOT!
  • And as a side note: Totally dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday. Tyler got it working again though, thank goodness!
  • Shelly has prom on Saturday. Super bummed that I can't be there, but she promised to take lots of pics for me!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I know I will! Ciao!

Pic of the day for ya:

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