Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dad Update/Formal Dinner

Well we thought all was going well with my Dad... We were wrong. Saturday morning while my Mom, RN Sandy, was changing my Dad's dressing , she noticed his incision didn't seem right and decided to take him for a trip to the ER. She was right in doing so because his white cell count was up to 18,000 and he had a pretty severe infection. He had to taken in for emergency surgery! He has to have another surgery on Monday morning to do the same type of operation, or "clean sweep" as I call it. These surgery's are to clear out current infection and prevent future ones. He's on the big med's now and is doing better but not feeling better quite yet. They are going to send him home Monday or Tuesday with a PIC line. This will allow him to be on IV antibiotics at home. I feel so sorry for my Dad. He's honestly the toughest guy I know. Please keep him in your prayers.

Okay, let's to move on before I get too worked up. On a happier note...................

Last night was a formal dinner to celebrate Korean and US alliances. It was held at a brand new hotel in Seoul, over looking the Han River. It was breath taking! Over all, I believe, there was 365 people at his event. The attire was Class-A's for the service member's and cocktail or suit and tie for your date. It was open bar, so many people, including ourselves, took part in that! :) After drinks came speeches by the host and higher up's in the Army. Then dinner and entertainment. Dinner was served buffett style and it was delicious! We had 4 different performances ranging from traditional Korean dances for the emporer to beat boxing! It was a great night with great pictures! :) Of course I took pictures, you think I'd forget. Well here you go!

Aren't we just gorgeous! Mom say's to take lots of pictures while your young, you won't regret it. So I do! It was wonderful evening. Tyler said I looked like Jackie Kennedy. Now isn't he sweet!? I also wanted to update you all with some new pics of our baby Missy. We love her so darn much!

Cutest lil' pup ever! I will post again when I have more info on my Dad. Again please keep in your prayers. Thanks all. Buh-bye!

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  1. Aww you two are always so adorable. I love your dress!