Monday, June 21, 2010

1 Month Update!

Wow it has been a full month since I posted last! So much has been going on... I will just do this in bullet form to make it easy on myself!

  • I finally got to test out my camera in a formal setting... My good friend Margie had her baby shower last weekend and I got some really great shots!
  • We also had a luau last weekend! Tyler did the bartending and it was a hit to say the least! Everybody had such a great time and the weather was super wonderful. Oh and some random man decided he wanted to eat the eyes out the pig... Gross! I got pics but believe me you don't want to see them. So here is a pic of Tom Cruise instead :P
  • The day after the luau, my Japanese friend Yuki Kawasaki came to visit us in Seoul! I hadn't seen her since I was a Jr. in HS! She and I had so much fun! We did some shopping, went to a traditional Korean musical and went to the spa. The spa was completely different from anything I'd ever done in the US. But a great experience nontheless! Here's a pic of us before the musical :) Ty and I can't wait to go see her in Japan!
  • And for a family update... Dad is doing sooo much better! He felt great for Father's Day which was wonderful! He's not taking anymore "big meds" and now is able to do more things and take long walks! So great :) Rocky and Marissa are still keeping up with the renovations on the house. I can't wait to see it when we are home for Christmas! My little sis just went on the first camping trip of her summer break and had a really great time! My mom, of course, is working too much like always. She should really slow down!
Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! Sorry it took a month of waiting but wasn't it worth it :P Have a great work week everyone!!!

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  1. - your pictures look AMAZING! I will probably not gonna get married (soon/ever?) but i will find a reason for you to go to america and take pictures :P

    - ty is such a boozer... ahahaha j/k <3

    - so glad your dad is doing better! tell him to stay away from the "big meds" from now on

    as always, miss you and love you!!! :D