Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coach Sam :)

Yes it is true! I am now giving swimming lessons and have indeed become Coach Sam! I am very proud of my little swimmer! I also start teaching his dad today! Not sure how it will be teaching an adult but I am really excited.
Had an AWESOME interview this past week for a very fiscally enticing job. Hopefully, hopefully, the lady liked me as much as I liked her. By the end of the interview we were discussing our dogs and fashion... So in my mind it went really well!
On a school note... I am thinking of finance, in some form or another, for my major. I know I HATE numbers but the income is crazy for those area's. I am emailing a few schools to see what exactly the course layout would be like. I definitely don't want to be in over my head :)
This weekend, 3 day!, has been dark, wet and completely wonderful! My husband loves weather like this. I am simply loving the fact that I can just take pause and enjoy my weekend at HOME! We are entertaining a lot this weekend for the 4th. I love cooking... Have I mentioned that :P Hoping for a no-rain 4th... Not sure that's going to happen since monsoon season has officially begun!
A new photographic opportunity was presented to me the other day by a fellow Army wife... There is an ENGLISH speaking photography teacher here! Hoping to maybe get some lessons from him :) Seoul is not a very photogenic city, so any help here is much appreciated!
Well I'm off to go prepare for my swim class! Stay cool and have an awesome 4th!

P.S. I must mention my impressive knack for breaking things... I believe this goes way past accident prone... The bottom of my FULL coffee cup fell out yesterday! I mean what the????

And yes it's okay to laugh, I already know you are! :)

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  1. Yay for going back to school!! Are you thinking online classes or go to school in Seoul? Can't wait to see you guys in December! I'm so freakin' excited already :) make sure you give me exact dates and all since december is the busiest time in the hospital *partypooper*