Friday, July 23, 2010

Lots of Company

Monsoon season is in full swing here in Seoul! That means lots of time indoors and extra naps :) I did however get lucky one day and got to go up to Camp Morse and take some pictures! This tiny camp is on a a mountain (literally) so it's got a great high vantage point for pics.

This last week Tyler's leave form came through and we bought our plane tickets home! Hoping Missy does just as good this time. She didn't make a peep the whole 18 hours last time! What a good little pup :)

Last weekend we babysat ALOT. Basically the entire weekend. I was so proud of Tyler. He even made homemade ice cream for the boys. The kids we watched were all terrific. We had a lot of fun. And this weekend Tyler's friend David, from college, is coming to visit. He arrives tonight so we are taking him for some fabulous prime rib and catch the new Inception flick. Saturday morning I will be feeding 4 boys a home cooked breakfast. Hope they are as excited as I am! Oh, and best of all... Tyler, being awesome, is taking me "home accessory" shopping on Saturday afternoon! I'm super stoked!!!

Tyler also got an achievement award from the Army for his leadership in physical fitness. He makes sure that if soldiers fail their "PT test", he gets them back in shape for the next test. He's like the instructor for morning fitness class. He's the best!... I might need him to coach me :)

Okay that's the latest on the little Hammond fam. Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to do more house wife duties!

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  1. your posts get me soooo excited! thats awesome about babysitting! is it trying out to see if you're ready to have little hammies running around? they will be the cutest babies ever and i was to babysit your future kids and teach them asian stuff lol.

    congrats tyler on getting the award! you came a long way from the soft fuzzy teddy bear i once knew to a physical fitness machine. i cant wait to see the both of you :)

    love you!!!!