Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dream Big!

I have been consumed lately with the thought of buying a home. Now I must be realistic, this will not happen for several years but I think it's completely fine to let the mind wonder and dream! Tyler, however, isn't interested in the slightest. He could care less. Which means, I guess, that I will doing nearly the whole process by my self. That's fine... I can just get what I want easier! And since I know this blog is for myself... It's okay to put my personal dreams on here :) Here are a few things I would love to have in our home of the future...
Style: Colonial. I think this best represents, to me, what a home should look like. I hate ranch simply because everyone lives in one.
Location: Liberty/KC area. It's big enough for me seeing as how I came from a town of 500! It's layout is perfect and has so many things to do and see. Plus it's cheap and close to our families. I would love to have a vacation home as well and if we play our cards right, we can have the best of both worlds!
Layout:2800-3000 sq. ft. At least 3 bedroom and 2 baths. A must have is huge closet. This is non negotiable. I love bay windows and crown molding. Also a big back yard and a fire place. And a back porch for a swing and BBQ grill.

So now that you get the gist of what I like... Here's a a few pictures to bring it all together...

Don't you just feel, "at home" when you look at it!? I sure do. We just have to do a little time and get a big reward :) I'm very lucky to have such a good provider.

Hope you all like my little post about my big dream.

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