Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A few things I've learned about Korea.

  1. Men and women walk out of their shoes because they cannot afford the proper size.
  2. Many Korean's are bow legged due to Rickets disease (a vitamin D difficiency) because not drinking enough milk. I've never seen a full gallon of milk here...
  3. Nearly all meat they consume is high in fat.
  4. ALL women wear high heels everywhere.
  5. Image is very important but cleanliness is not.
  6. They eat dog!
  7. Korea has no natural resources.
  8. A typical work week for them is 80-100 hours. If your boss is still at work, your obligated to be there as well.
  9. For 3 days in August nearly all Korean's go on vacation at the same time.
  10. A typical "vacation" is a trip to the water park.
  11. They do not travel much.
  12. Their power lines are all above ground and very tangled making the city unnecessarily ugly.
  13. Public transit is a way of life. You can take it to anywhere in South Korea!
  14. They spit a lot!
  15. They have a traditional "ice cream" dish that contains red beans.
  16. Good service at a restaurant is considered a lot of food and little service. ex: Lots of hot peppers but no refill on your glass of "mool" or water.
  17. Stomach cancer is very prominent here due to all the spice they consume.
  18. When they eat fish... Nothing is wasted. I mean nothing.
  19. Korean highways are NOT user friendly.
  20. Everything is cheap.
  21. Their is little variety of food here. If your pallet isn't suited to this... Your out of luck.
  22. At McDonald's you can get a shrimp or bulgogi burger :)
  23. Ice cream at McD's cost about 25 cents American.
  24. A traditional Korean restaurant is where you sit around a grill and cook your own food.
  25. This Korean meal has been labeled "beef on a leaf" by our Army boys, and it is grilling various meats like pork or beef, along with mushrooms, whole garlic, onions and then putting in on a piece of lettuce with kimchi or pickled cucumbers and shoving the entire thing in your mouth.
  26. Dinner etiquette is non existent. ex: Slurping your food shows the cook how much you like the food. They also ALWAYS talk with their mouth full.
  27. When you shop at a Korean "Wal-Mart", Chop sticks have replaced forks and knives.
  28. You can buy anything counterfeit here. Watches, movies, coats, purses, shoes, scarves and the list goes on and on.
  29. Traffic is hellacious 95% of the time.
  30. Traffic symbols are a suggestion and not a rule. Honking is not considered rude.
  31. Cops are only around to help out with accidents. Their are many!
  32. Police are Military service are mandatory for at least two years for all males at age 18.
  33. Although Korea is not our favorite place we are glad we got this experience :)
  34. They drive on the sidewalks and park there as well.
  35. Taxi drivers are insane!
That is all for now. I'm sure I've left out a few things but for the most part I'm sure you catch the drift. Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by!

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