Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gym Rat

So it's September first! That means today was our first "lunch time work out" with our good friends the Beckers. Today was upper body so it was my favorite :) Hoping I will have brought sexy back by my 23rd birthday in October! 5 day's a week should do it. Love working out with my husband. He's a great motivator.

In other news... Still looking at school options. The one is Topeka is still on the top of my list but I think I will tackle medical billing and coding for the time being. I like working in an office setting because it's not so crazy and you don't have to worry about codes or anything like that. It's also a good traveling profession and Lord knows us Army wives need that!

My swimming classes are dwindling. I only have 2, 4 year old girls now. Every one else just kinda leaves me to figure it out for myself. I guess this means I will have a lot more time to focus on school! Which is awesome!

We also have 95% of our Christmas shopping done! I do believe we are getting, "older and wiser." We get so excited when we start thinking about being HOME for an entire month! It seems to lift our spirits when anything bad happens here in Korea.

As far as Tyler's OCS process... It's finally starting to move along. I made him a deal that as soon as he got his acceptance letter with his class date that we would go get him a shiny, brand new car! I totally think he deserves it. He never asks for anything and I only want him to have the best when he does. So what ever his choice, I will be very happy.

Oh and I saved the best for last!.... We are going to Jeju Island for my birthday! We will spend 3 days in a luxury hotel on the beach. Can't wait for this get away. I honestly can't think of a better way to spend a birthday. Seafood, sand and sun. Feel free to be jealous :P

Guess that is all for now. Be looking for another update soon... Til' then, tata~!

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