Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things Women Don't Do Anymore...

  1. Cook. Lot's of you all keep sweaters in your stove.
  2. Clean. 
  3. Stay at home.
  4. Wear dresses/dress conservatively. Leave something to the imagination ladies!
  5. Be polite and considerate. Let's be honest, women are brutal to one another.
  6. Write "Thank You" letters. Yes ladies, you still HAVE to do this!
  7. Stay pure until marriage.
  8. Uphold your man for something more than his wallet.
  9. Have clean mouths. *&$% that annoys me! :)
  10. Act lady like. And you all wonder why he doesn't show you respect....? Hmmm.
I had to make this post when I realized other people think the same way I do. Twitter today had a hot topic of things women don't do anymore. So I thought I would elaborate. I believe lots of values and traditions have went down the tube as of the last 30 years or so. Women simply aren't conforming to "old" ways and womens roles as they used to. I think this is fine in certain respects but above all we should still remain polite and kind.

I guess maybe laziness has gotten the best of us. Everything is instant nowadays. From email to dinner. If it's not easy... We don't want it. I understand not being very good at something... Like cooking. But many people simply don't want the hassle or the mess. As far as the working aspect goes... Women are go getters! They are going to college, getting their degree, making a solid foundation for themselves and then pursuing husbands! I am proud of all you hard working career women. Keep it up!

This time last year our Company Commander had to send out an email on proper etiquette! I mean wow! I honestly thought that the things mentioned in this email were "common knowledge." Apparently I was wrong. The things mentioned where like the list above. It's not that I want to time travel back 50 years or anything but women back then seemed to have it figured out.

I will get off my soapbox now. I just thought I would see if anyone else still cooks and cleans... Just wondering... I am becoming obsolete?

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  1. Definitely agree! Couples wonder why their marriage isn't working out. God made man head of household for a reason. This has been taken out of context too many times. Some saying men think of women as lower than them. It is a delicate balance! Once a married couple finds that balance, they will see their marriage reach new heights.

    You are not alone. I wish women would take a step back sometimes instead of always thinking their gender is being attacked. Male and female are different no matter how hard woman try to be equal with males. I could go on and on about all the examples society puts out there in the media. Woman is smarter than man. A husband-wife relationship has the women wearing the pants in the family. My husband gets so irritated with how men are being degraded!!!