Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Kind of Person I am...

In the words of the Jung Typology Test I am an "INFJ". Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about Google "HumanMetrics" and take your own test. My test was very accurate. It helps you to see what type of job suites you best, your best matches in a partner, people you can easily befriend and so on. It's fun and it's free.

I'm very much a relaxed type of person. One of my favorite quotes is "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." If I could have looked ahead on my life 5 years ago, I wouldn't expect any of what happened! I believe this is true for most people. I have dreams, like everyone else but I don't have a rigorous schedule in which they must be attained. I'm a very spur of the moment type of woman! I love to just grab my mom or my sis and go shopping! My test confirmed this :) Some things left unknown are good! If your too rigid with life, your setting yourself up for disappointment... And who wants that?!

I am also very choosy about whom I'm friends with. I don't have very many "good" friends. I tend to not make friends at my work. I see work as just that... work. Too many people knowing the ins and outs of my life is not really my style. I think that's why I tend to gravitate toward male friends. They don't really like drama and neither do I.

As far as tangible things go... I know my husband for one, "loves" his belongings. If he gets a new thing, like his gun, he really does "love" it. Not I. I very much value people and experiences over things. When I take a vacation, I remember the sites, food, laughs, pictures, and so on. For my husband, he's more likely to recall the cost of the trip and how many miles we put on the car. : / I'm working on cracking his shell little by little.

If I am having an "in depth" discussion with someone, I am able to complete the entire conversation in one sitting. Some people need time to "think on the matter" and then get back to you. For me, by the time this person is "ready to talk", I've already moved on with my life and don't feel like exhausting the subject. I'm really very glad I'm the kind of person I am.

Now all this is not to say that I'm some random, never plan anything, do what feels right at the time, type of person. I just try not to get ahead of myself. Take things as they come. For one thing, being in the Army means almost no planning. You get moved a ton, you could get deployed, you hardly ever do the job you were trained to and so on. I am getting a little tired of the whole waiting game. We are supposed to PCS out of Korea in late June, early July. We still do not have orders for our next duty station! We have tried to do lots of things and tried for goals in the Army and none of them have worked out. Very disappointing! We know couples who got involuntarily extended to stay in Korea. This country is really wearing on us... Lets hope we aren't one of those unlucky couples. Those of you in the service know exactly what I'm talking about.

So all in all, I'm very happy with the optimistic person that I am. I see myself as a person who can take a hit and keep coming. I don't let a flat tire ruin my whole road trip. I know who I am and I'm very comfortable with it.

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  1. Introverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging for this person