Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 12 - Someone who influenced you to travel abroad

I remember first being interested in travel while doing a report on Ponce De Leon. I don't remember exactly how old I was but I know I was in grade school. I thought about him on his huge ship sailing to places unknown and I realized there were a lot of places I didn't know about! One thing that I was sure about, was that I didn't just want to stay sedentary my whole life. Even at a young age I knew I liked adventure.

As I got a little older and began learning more about my parent's, they told me about their adventures in traveling and how much they loved it. Though they'd never traveled abroad, they'd always wanted to. They've been to nearly every state but said they always wanted to go to Italy.

It was really my husband who "took initiative" in that department when he joined the Army. Right from the beginning the traveling started. At AIT in Fort Gordon, GA, then our first duty station... Seoul, South Korea! He and I had always discussed traveling and vacation idea's but always thought it would be on our dime. Funny how life takes turns you don't expect. 

We got very excited when we got our orders to Korea. Sure we would miss our family and our home country but this opportunity seemed to out weigh all of those things. The whole experience of moving to a new country was prodigious! We have really enjoyed traveling abroad and feel much more confident in our travel skills and can't wait to put them to use again.

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