Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 14 - What did you learn from traveling abroad?

  • How to navigate an airport like a pro!
  • Taxi lingo
  • How to pack efficiently
  • How to endure 18 hours on a plane... Movies, naps, word searches!
  • The importance of Skype
  • Photography
  • Preparedness is the key to success
  • How to communicate in a foreign language
  • Subway navigation
  • What it's like to live in one of the world's biggest cities!
  • Cooking with "native" foods
  • How to "haggle" for a good price while shopping. Don't be afraid to walk away!
  • How to deal with not having family close 
  • How to make new friends
  • How to drive in Seoul traffic... ME first!
  • To be more adventurous in eatting
  • And lastly, getting to know how the Army opperates
I'm sure I've learned much more but these things are what immediately jumped to mind. I really hope the information I've posted has helped someone. Last post of the challenge is tomorrow. BOLO, aka: Be on the look out! 

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