Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Ties

I love the days when I can get a hold of all my family members! I talked all morning on Skype. I thought I would make it a point to update you all on my family and what they have been doing.

We will start with Rocky and Marissa since they just got back from vacationing at South Padre Island. I miss them so much. It's unbelievable the hole you can feel while missing your siblings. They are so much fun to be around. I had a good cry while looking through these photo's but I feel composed enough to look through them now :P

Rental car fun.

Marissa is so gorgeous! Inside and out :)

Visiting the "Sea-turtle Haven"

Got any food?
Got to have a South Padre sign pic!

Rocky is inappropriate... And it's awesome!

Ahh... Young love.

Marissa apparently really loved this fish!

 Aren't they the most gorgeous couple?! Seriously. Other than the great vacation, they have gotten into the dog breeding business. Marissa's parents have been doing that for about 25 years and are showing them the ropes. They are just about finished with the kennel. I don't think I could give away the puppies... It would be a problem to say the least.

Shelly is still doing CNA courses but is now on the clinical hours side of things. AKA: I work a full time job and don't get paid. She's starting to grasp how hard it is to work in a nursing home. I've told her plenty of my own stories but it's one of those things that you can't appreciate it until you do it. So for now she's tired and stretched pretty thin but says she's learning everyday. Her 19th birthday is this Sunday. We've sent her a gift but it's definitely not the same as being there.

My Mom is getting ready to have surgery on the 11th. I've been beefing up her Ipod touch so she can have something to do while she is recuperating. The good news is she gets 6 weeks off of work. A nurse needs that kind of break every once in a while. She works in an adult psych ward... Yeah it will make you as crazy as your patients!

Dad is doing well. We've been talking gardening and cars lately. He is so great gardening. Even in the Mo drought he can make everything green! I can't wait for him to help me plant my own. He also can't wait to take a drive in the Jag. I know he will love it!

As for Tyler and I... We are looking into having a layover in Hawaii on our trip back to the 48. Missy would have to stay at the airport but it's very cheap for her to stay, $14 a day! Ty said as soon as we get orders we will get the ball rolling on our "layover vacation"! Other than that still just waiting for something to happen. As always.

Thanks for reading and stay cool!

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