Friday, July 15, 2011

Think of me as the little tea pot in this post. I'm all steamed up and need poured out... aka I need to voice some frustrations :P

I will start from the beginning so you all can get up to speed and I don't sound crazy. Our original leave date was June 30, 2011. When we got here, I was issued a "rations card". This card, along with my military ID, is my golden ticket to the base. My card is now expired. This means I cannot go to the commissary or the PX. Tyler got me a piece of paper that says it's okay to come in as long as he's with me. That's better than nothing but it's still a pain. Ty says we will save on groceries since he has to shop for us. He's been really great about all this.

For my next complaint- I have the worst luck/timing of anyone you've ever seen. It's almost like magic. Black magic. Here's a good example: The other night I was getting so bored from being "cooped" up in the house I asked Tyler if we could go to the movies. He agreed and we got ready. As we were pulling out of the garage we became fully aware of the time. Here in Seoul rush hour is from about 3-9pm. We were leaving the house at 6:30! Traffic, as you've heard me say before, is horrendous. People love to park their cars in lanes of traffic. They also love to merge with no warning, scrape your car to get in, bus' rule and we drool, and cabs are the worst! So we finally get onto base just in time for the 7 showing. I got some popcorn and a drink. While snacking away on the popcorn, my stomach gets all flippity because there is too much butter on it. Had to scratch the popcorn. The movie we were watching was "Something Borrowed" because it has John Krasinski in it :) He was great but the movie seemed to go on forever! It's the classic: I love you, I don't, I love you, I don't. Movie finally finishes and we head for home. Just at the tail end of rush hour. Still tons of cars so we have a repeat of heading to movies. Finally we make it home and both say to each other: "We are never leaving the house again!"

All that happened because I decided I wanted to see a movie! A movie that wasn't even that good! I'm telling you it's like I'm cursed. I'm glad I am a positive person or else I may have needed medication long ago.
On a positive note, if you can imagine, I've had some good fortune. I'm babysitting again! We had lunch with a family that's new here and they offered me a job. It will be nice to be needed outside the house. I can't wait to work when we get stateside. I've worked with the worst people in the world over the years but I'm ready to try again. I'm grateful for a husband who lets me decide if I work or not. Believe me, with some of my stories, you'd never want to work with people again. So it's nice to have that support.
My tea pot is now empty. I feel better. Thanks for helping with that Blogger.

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