Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why I've Fallin' for Fall!

Why I LOVE fall.......

  1. Perfect walking weather
  2. The smells... (brisk air, cranberries, cinnamon, apple, ect.)
  3. Open windows!
  4. No more allergies :)
  5. FOOTBALL! 3-0 so far for my Chiefies!
  6. Scarves 
  7. Apple Cider. I'm hoping to learn how to make it!
  8. Apple pie... My absolute favorite.
  9. Crock pot dinners
  10. No more re-runs
  11. It starts to feel like the holidays
  12. My birthday is in this wonderful season
  13. I can enjoy hot coffee again
  14. Mittens and gloves
  15. New scenery due to the leaves changing colors
  16. Walking into a warm house from the cool air
  17. Sweaters
  18. School is back in session... Little crazy kids around the stores can rattle ones nerves quickly.
  19. Boots
  20. New fall scented candles... I purchased a Yankee one today called Be Thankful. It's great!
Those are just a few of the many reasons why I love this season. It also reminds me that my husband and I are one more season closer to being back to our families.

Tyler called his mama today and we got the dish on what's been happening in the KC area. We miss it so! Our nieces and nephew are growing big and strong. Talen, our nephew, weighs almost 19 lbs and he is not even 10 months! I'm so excited to meet them. My brother and his wife are still working on their little house. It has came a long way since they purchased it this summer. It really makes me want a home and some roots of our own. But all in good time! All in all everything seems to be going well. We had a lump of bad news (came in 3's of course) last week, but it all seemed to have worked itself out. Time has a way of doing that and I'm grateful it does.

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